CommonLit dramatically accelerates learning

Schools that use CommonLit’s full instructional program have seen profound gains in reading.

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10 years of research

CommonLit was shown to accelerate learning

CommonLit has been shown to accelerate learning for students. In a large scale, nationwide study (n=113K) conducted in collaboration with Mathematica, students with higher levels of exposure to CommonLit 360 saw 2.1 months of additional learning.

Bar chart of growth in standard deviation units where the CommonLit 360 group reading comprehension growth was 0.07 standard deviations higher than that of a comparison group.
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CommonLit was shown to significantly increase student engagement and cultural awareness by 2x

The Mathematica study also found that students in CommonLit classrooms were more likely to report that class was engaging, interesting, and kept their attention. They were also more likely to say they felt proud of their background and had the chance to learn about other cultures compared to students in classes that did not use CommonLit.

Bar chart of growth in standard deviation units, where the group with high exposure to CommonLit 360 grew statistically significantly more in self-reported student engagement and cultural awareness than the comparison group.
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CommonLit earned ESSA Tier III “Promising Evidence” certification

After completing the Mathematica study, CommonLit was awarded  ESSA Tier III certification for the effectiveness of its program. As of 2022-2023, only 4 out of the 100 of the most accessed EdTech products have earned this badge. Because CommonLit has earned this distinction, districts can use additional ESSER funding to bring our full instructional program to their schools.

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Students who submitted more CommonLit lessons saw higher end-of-year state test scores

In a study conducted by LearnPlatform, there was a clear and positive correlation between CommonLit lessons completed and scores on the New York State end-of-year assessment. The more CommonLit lessons students submitted, the higher test scores they saw on average.

Bar chart representing the relationship between CommonLit use and New York State assessment proficiency, where the more CommonLit lessons students engaged with, the higher the average proficiency.
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The CommonLit Assessment Series can help predict how students will perform on statewide assessments

Two studies found a clear relationship between students’ scores on the CommonLit Assessment Series and state ELA assessments. Schools can unlock the Assessment Series to monitor student progress and help students prepare for these end-of-year tests.

Bar chart with 95% confidence intervals, representing the correlation between CommonLit Assessment Series and the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking test, where the correlation between the two tests was similar for multiple groups, including students from historically-underserved populations.
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