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CommonLit is designed to function as a core program for English Language Arts teachers, offering curriculum, benchmark assessments, instant data to gauge student progress, and expert-led professional development for teachers. Today, the nonprofit has helped over five million students become proficient readers—1.5 million in the 2021-22 school year alone.

Fast Forward 🤝 tech nonprofits

Reid Hoffman

September 27, 2023

The Fast Forward Growth Accelerator is matching bold philanthropists with high-growth tech nonprofits to drive exponential impact. Among this cohort is CommonLit, who has digital reading platform dedicated to closing the literacy gap.

Leveraging AI to Create Moonshots in Literacy

The Learning Agency Lab

July 20, 2023

There’s been much ado about ChatGPT and its impact on academic writing. If this thing can write essays all on its own, will students ever write again? Will teachers be able to tell the difference between a student’s writing and the computer’s writing? The short answer is yes.

Study of CommonLit 360 Shows Gains on Reading Achievement

Overdeck Family Foundation

July 25, 2023

This is a retrospective correlational study of student academic performance based on data from 113,825 students in 313 schools who had access to CommonLit 360 instructional materials, including School Essentials PRO student assessment materials (e.g., professional development, administrator data dashboards, benchmark assessments), during the 2021-22 school year.

Philipsburg Area Middle School teachers piloted CommonLit 360 after noticing their curriculum was out of date, not engaging, and did not properly prepare students for state exams. In a survey conducted by teachers, students preferred CommonLit 360 to Spring Board in all four categories — relatability, presentation, learning experience and equipment.

CommonLit published a guide to help teachers determine what to do when teachers suspect AI-plagiarized written work. CEO Michelle Brown describes the tips in EdWeek.

Another example of an organization that has created a shared dataset is CommonLit, which uses algorithms to determine the readability of texts. CommonLit has shared its corpus of 3,000 level-assessed reading passages for grades 6-12. This will allow researchers to create open-source readability formulas and applications. and created an AI detector platform designed with teachers in mind called AI Writing Check.

CommonLit worked with top Natural Language Processing (NLP) experts at Georgia State University feature a new, open source readability algorithm that accurately predicts the AI-written writing 80 to 90% of the time.

The ChatGPT detector comes as educators sound the alarm about students using bots to do their homework.

CommonLit was awarded EIR funds to advance a blended learning curriculum for grades 6-12. The curriculum will include aligned PD, assessments, and school district support framework. Through digital assessments, teacher professional learning, and cultural and technology-based supports, CommonLit helps students improve their English Language Arts skills.

In this podcast, CEO Michelle Brown discusses her Latinx roots, the founding of CommonLit, and journey from the classroom to becoming a technology entrepreneur.