Helping millions of children to read and write proficiently

Our Nonprofit Mission

CommonLit is on a mission to unlock the potential of every child through literacy by accelerating their reading, writing, speaking, and problem-solving skills.

Our commitment over the past 10 years

We believe every child deserves a world-class education no matter their background and are committed to providing students with the finest instructional materials.

Our Story

Our Impact

students have become proficient in reading and writing
2.5K schools have unlocked the full program
1.5M+ teachers worldwide
250M lessons completed

Our Model

Our program drives learning by connecting the dots between curriculum, assessments, and professional learning in an all-in-one platform.

Curriculum & Library

Our world-class resources save teachers' time, build student engagement, and drive academic achievement.


Our actionable assessments empower educators with the data they need to celebrate student growth and support their students.

Professional Development

We provide teachers with all of the professional development they need to succeed in the classroom.

Bring CommonLit’s full program to your school or district.
“CommonLit 360 pushes everybody up. We’ve seen the kids be pushed, but the teachers are also being pushed. And that’s a huge shift. It’s making us all better.”
Terri Bradshaw
Blount County, TN
Secondary Literacy Coach

Our Team

CommonLit is a mission-driven team of diverse professionals working collaboratively to solve a critical social problem. Explore job opportunities with our fast growing team.