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Want hand-picked CommonLit lessons aligned to your curriculum? Work with our literacy experts to create a customized plan tailored to your instructional goals and resources.

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Plan your CommonLit Crosswalk

  1. Schedule a call with our literacy experts

    We’ll plan your CommonLit Crosswalk, discuss your instructional priorities, and review the themes and topics of your current curriculum.

  2. Share your curriculum materials with our team

    You’ll send your curriculum resources to our literacy experts, and we’ll curate lessons from our library.

  3. Receive your CommonLit Crosswalk

    Once your school or district confirms purchase with CommonLit, we'll share your custom Crosswalk and create a plan for implementation.

  4. Teach with your CommonLit Crosswalk

    Your team will easily access their customized resources from their CommonLit account. If questions arise, your literacy expert will be on-hand.

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CommonLit Crosswalk

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Explore how our comprehensive library of over 4,000 texts can support your curriculum instruction.

We worked with CommonLit to create a Crosswalk where teachers have a list of texts available, so they don't have to hunt and peck to find resources. There's so little time for teachers, so anything that can help save time is great.
Tracy Hunt District Facilitator for ELA

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