CommonLit What Does It Mean to Work at CommonLit?

As a rapidly growing literacy curriculum provider, CommonLit seeks to hire the best and the brightest to help foster this growth. Here are some great examples of what it means to work at CommonLit.

Working at CommonLit Means Making a Difference

With a majority of the employees at CommonLit being former educators, it is no surprise that teachers and their students are at the forefront of everything. From lesson curation to user research and product engineering, the staff at CommonLit is fueled by our non-profit mission to raise literacy rates across the country. 

Allie - Sales:  I love that I get to work with an incredibly dedicated, mission-driven, caring, and fun group of people who care deeply about teachers and students. In my role, I get to meet with instructional leaders to consult with them on the best ways to support their schools and districts, and it's really meaningful to get to bring our highly effective, research-backed literacy program to schools across the country. 

Sasha - District Success: After leaving the classroom, CommonLit has allowed me to stay close to the classroom and the people who make a difference— teachers. Every day, I'm excited to guide teachers and teams through CommonLit's high-quality resources that will make a difference for their students. Knowing that teachers, administrators, and students are at the center of all the work we do here is why I love working for CommonLit. 

Kianna - Sales: My favorite thing about working at CommonLit is being able to work with such passionate people. Everyone at CommonLit cares so much about the teachers and students that we serve and it is shown by every piece of work we produce!

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Working at CommonLit Means a Culture of Caring

With an eye towards attracting and retaining a stellar team, CommonLit aims to bring a supportive working environment and the best possible benefits, including generous leave packages, a paid sabbatical, a 401k match, and more, to their employees. Additionally, as a remote-first team with employees located across the country, CommonLit prioritizes building a sense of community online to bring employees together. 

Tina - Evaluation Research: Our organizational culture feels very welcoming, collaborative, and fun! I also love how much CommonLit intentionally invests in its people by planning retreats and staff activities, providing opportunities for professional growth, and offering robust benefits to allow us to take care of ourselves and families.

Melissa - Library/Special Projects:  CommonLit truly understands that employees are human beings with families and personal lives and provides an exceptional work-life balance. In addition, every employee I have worked closely with has been extremely kind, open-minded, and brilliant — everyone is eager to learn from each other and help contribute to each other's professional growth. 

Working at CommonLit Means Opportunity for Growth

Over the past ten years, CommonLit has grown from a handful of employees to over 120. Along the way, many employees have had the opportunity to pursue a career path at CommonLit that they may not have envisioned when they first began at the organization. Encouraging employee growth and expansion is another trait that makes CommonLit so special. 

Anjali - Data Science: It's so clear to me that CommonLit has a deep commitment to both its users as well as its team which keeps our work relevant, engaging, and motivating. CommonLit has been, and continues to be, a dynamic and rewarding place to grow my career alongside some of the most inspiring, grounded, and committed people in edtech!

Geoff - Engineering: CommonLit is a really unique combination of collaborative, ambitious, and kind people who want to make a dent in the world. This is the kind of engineering team I've always wanted to have: filled with lifelong learners and people who care about doing the job well. We've created an environment that fosters career growth and gives team members the opportunity to get exposure to a broad set of engineering concerns.

To see what working for CommonLit could mean to you and your future,  please visit our Careers page.