Benchmark Assessments

Track reading growth and get skills-based data with the CommonLit Assessment Series for grades 3-12. This program is only available in the U.S.

Benchmark Assessments and more for just $3,850 per school

The CommonLit Assessment Series

Reliable. Easy-to-use. Actionable.

Valid and reliable benchmark assessments

Three field-tested assessments created by our expert instructional team.

A screenshot showing an example CommonLit Pre-Assessment with student activities. The student activity shown in the screenshot is a question about the text.

Easy and secure platform

Administer benchmark assessments directly through CommonLit’s website.

A screenshot of the CommonLit Assessment Series that contains a Pre-Assessment, a Mid-Year assessment, and a Post-Assessment

Actionable data for teachers and admin

Track reading growth and dive into student performance by class, grade, and standard.

A screenshot showing a pie chart and table of student performance data from the CommonLit Assesment Series. The pie chart and table have three categories: below or approaching 5th grade, on grade level, and above 5th grade.

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Explore how our actionable assessment data can support data-driven instruction.

See why millions of teachers love CommonLit

CommonLit has made me more data-driven and helped me better understand student data.
Toni Scola ELA Teacher
The data and assessments are super helpful and aligned to what we teach in ELA. The pre-assessment helps me know where my students are at, which helps me with planning and next steps.
Jessica Ruiz ELA Teacher/ELA Coach
My student's reading scores on standardized tests have improved. I believe a big reason we saw that growth was because I used CommonLit last year.
Kimberly Martinez 6th Grade Teacher

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